At Neatwork, we believe that the path to large-scale AI automation is rooted in three foundational blocks.

The first is Programmatic contextualization, which speaks to the AI Agent's ability to retrieve the most important information and present it effectively to the LLM.

Secondly, ensuring tasks are closed-looped; in other words, these systems should not only execute tasks but also verify whether a task was done correctly. Lastly, we are building interoperability between communication channels and output channels.

This isn't a mere technical requisite; it's vital to ensure that humans aren't reduced to the menial role of transcribing LLM output into tangible action. Instead, the system should seamlessly transition from decision to action, making AI automation a truly transformative force.

With Neatcoder, we are building these foundational blocks as they pertain to software development as a whole. As part of our scaling efforts, we are looking to grow our team.

If you are a developer and you see the future of work being Neatwork, feel free to reach out to us at